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Quotes At the Lock Oasis ,the quality of work always speaks for itself! Keep up the good work guys! I am so proud of the great job you're doing! Quotes
Maria Woods
Loyal Customer

Quotes I have been locing since 2006 but only been to The Lock Oasis twice. I have had more comments on my hair since going to Sheena than in all the years I have been locing. My daughter has natural hair too and she so hooked her hair up too. Quotes

Quotes The Lock Oasis is an inviting natural care salon with a knowledgeable, experienced staff. Sheena has been styling my hair for years, and I have never left her chair dissatisfied. She not only styles, but treats and cares for hair, as well. She's reasonably priced, professional, and friendly, and she doesn't fuss at me too bad when I make last-minute appointments! Initially I was apprehensive about letting someone other than me do my hair, but ever since I met Sheena I'm thankful for her and I plan to remain her client! Quotes
Natalie M.

Quotes Luv u guys!!! Quotes

Quotes I would have to say that out of the three years that I've had my hair professionally styled, Sheena is the best! I've found my home!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Very Happy! Quotes
Wilma C.

Quotes Excellent Service Quotes

Quotes I will be back Quotes
Ernesta S

Quotes Yeah Sheena & Alecha! Quotes
Millicent Bolden

Quotes Always great customer service and a very professional environment. Quotes
Tracey Z.
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